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innov8law Vision

To realise the power of data solutions for substantive business transactions.

Mission Statement

To elevate our customers’ business performance by untapping complex business data potential.

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Value Delivery

Value is delivered through the interplay of the core pillars to innov8law solutioning capability and value delivery:

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Business Analysis

This layer typically consists of expertise on one or more legal domains. Folks at various levels of carriers underpin this layer. They are able to analyse, articulate and document a problem statement. They also provide solutions to complex issues. For a solution that is supported by the technology this layer provides requirements and manages the clients expertise.

Technical Analysis

This layer is typically responsible for defining and designing solutions for business problems. They define workflows, feel and look at a product and articulate stories from business requirements. Works closely with business analysts to prioritise and define a solution roadmap for businesses.

Technology Implementation

This layer is responsible for implementing all technical solutions in client environments or part of SAAS product solutioning. The layer consists of Developers, QA, DevOps and Project managers. They work closely with the Technical Analysis layer to accurately implement solutions.

Knowledge & Expertise Layers

Each pillar has layers within their own capability. Each layer is an independent service layer that is capable of functioning within its own pillar and scope. It can deliver consultancy for business as a standalone service.

These layers provide input and requirements to the next level layer, they also update the knowledge bank thereby enhancing the service capability.

Best practices and best of the industry standards are imbibed into the layer. These standards are updated and kept relevant using training programs.

innov8law increases its capability by updating and adding new features to the knowledge bank from all layers. Interaction from each layer and solutions and knowledge nuggets are provided on the dashboard for the whole community thereby increasing the capability of each layer in providing its functionality.

Service as a Product

innov8law integrates all three pillars of expertise as a single end-to-end managed service offering.  The benefits of working with our multi-layered single team includes the seamless flow of information and established common language that is standardised across the company, thereby cutting unnecessary scope creep and miscommunications.

innov8law has strong associations within the commercial, legal and technology industries and is uniquely placed to build world leading x-industry capability that we pass on to our clients.

innov8law builds on expertise and capability by working with a diverse portfolio of clients and sectors, improving its knowledge base and overall offering to each client.

Our Success

Process Efficiency

Book an appointment to discuss our business process case studies saving our clients huge amounts of time and money in complex business projects.

Team Enablement

Speak with our team about how we will work with your business to upskill, develop and enable your teams and retain knowledge within your business.

Competitive Future

Let’s talk about how we will help you leverage legislation, commercial terms, obligations and commitments to drive increased quality data to your business for future benefits.

Meet The Team

Sophie Newbould

Top Skills: Strategic Business Growth | Complex Transactions Lawyer | Skills Development & Enablement | Visionary Leadership

Certificates:  International Business Law Masters (Tech & Construction) | Solicitors Practicing Certificate | MCIPS

Experience: PWC | Hogan Lovells | Bank of England | HM Government | Sharpe Pritchard LLP | Essex Legal Services | Foskett Marr LLP | BT | Mott MacDonald

Madhav Narahari

Top Skills: Product Development | Strategic Planning | Software Development

Certifications: Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner | Continuous Delivery & DevOps  |Awarded CFA Investment Certificate

Experience: Capgemini | Thomson Reuters | LogicaCMG | Oracle Production DBA | DCCMS | Distributed

Graham Hayden

Graham has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and works with partner organisations to supply IT solutions for all needs.  Graham specialises in the selection, configuration, and implementation of systems into an operational environment.  Graham supports people and businesses by working closely with other specialist IT organisations and is able to guide single users and businesses to obtain the best advice and the best solutions as required.

Raj Iyer

Top Skills:  enterprise HCM applications expert | change management & business transformations leadership | integrated solution designs across all HRM processes | digital service transitions

Certificates:  MBA

Experience:  PwC, M&S, Ford, BskyB, RBS, McDonalds & WM Morrisons

About Us

Everything we do for our clients drives information, knowledge and quality data into the heart of their business.  innov8law processes and systems lead to central knowledge and intelligence for the decisions and development of next generation products, services, and business growth.

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